Simon Grant-Jones F.W.C.B, L.W.C.B, Cert.Ed,..... blacksmith

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living history

History is the story of all that is past and to read that story, we need to recognize the signs and clues all around us. Many, such as windows and fastenings and many of the hand tools we use today, are now made from newer materials but have sometimes kept the style of what went before. These styles might look a little like the original but are not made in the same way and are no longer the work of traditional craftsmen.
For a better idea of the past, we need to visit the living history museums where accurately worked replicas of what were once common artifacts can be seen in representations of their original contexts.
Simon makes award-winning tools and other artifacts that really work and which can be picked up and studied.
Below, are some of the living history objects that were once common in most households.

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